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Gallery Revisited

Michael Hsiung

Michael Hsiung

Michael Hsiung's studio

Michael Hsiung's work is influenced by personal study, especially that found in fairy tales and National Geographic Magazines, but not entirely void of academia, since he comes from an artist family. We found Michael on Myspace in Summer of 2006 - that's right, Myspace. If we recall correctly he only had about a dozen drawings at that time, but had made the decision to pursue this vocation. Since then his line work and materials has matured immensely, although his subjects and storytelling remain true to his own unique and quirky voice.

Michael draws black ink drawings on cream paper, sometimes with red accents, although he has threatened to use other colors as well but rarely has. He depicts oddly realistic tales. Protagonists include Mermen in precarious and questionable situations, Victorian athletes and fancy men with their dead or tended-to prey and hobbies, or the struggles and plights of imaginary and real animals. Antagonists include any combination of the above mentioned. Michael’s drawings portray scenarios that are relatable in a most perplexing and somewhat Un-Politically correct way – yet somehow so right. His remarkably dry sense of humor compliments his work, making it magnetic and infectious.

“In my work, I illustrate my own imaginative world, a place where creatures of fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and lullabies, which are a part of our childhood and adult culture, interact - be it warring or not. …These themes are often combined with humor commonly used by those in dysfunctional relationships.” – Michael C. Hsiung

Michael has also been busy with numerous commissions for swag and t-shirts, band CD covers as well as posters for such artists as Division Day and Great Northern.  Michael even drew with light wands in a popular Spring Sprint commercial Summer 07. We look forward to what Michael will be doing this year, especially since he is so good about just doing things.


Selected Exhibitions

Michael Hsiung has been exhibiting consistently in our salon since June 2006.

2008 Reception Dates

  1. May 10th
  2. June 28th
  3. August 9th
  4. September 27th





  • August 2007, Gallery Revisited, 2-person show with Ashley Goldberg, Los Angeles, CA
  • June 2007, Gallery Revisited, 2-person show with Cole Gerst, Los Angeles, CA
  • April 2007, The Friends of Ism Show, Group Show, Costa Mesa, CA
  • April 2007, Cop A Feel Show, Group Show, Costa Mesa, CA
  • February 16, 2007, The Empty Bed Group Show, Stephanie Feury Studio Theater with Sharon Yablon, absurdist playwright, Los Angeles, CA
  • Every Sunday, February 4th thru 28th 2007, Don't Cause A Scene, Music/Art, Los Angeles, CA
  • January 2007, The Hive Gallery and Studios, New Years Eve Show featuring Wilson Hsu, Los Angeles, CA
  • January 2007, Worms Save the Planet, Worm Pin Design, Los Angeles, CA
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  • November 2006, The Hive Gallery and Studios, Group Art Show, Downtown Los Angeles, CA
  • October 2006, Gallery Revisited, Los Angeles, CA
  • October 2006, Echo Curio Gallery, 1st Group Show, Los Angeles, CA


  • August / September 2007, Article MEAN Magazine, Los Angeles, CA
  • April 2007, Fecal Face.com, San Francisco, CA
  • April 2007, Freethescene.com, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2007, Spymart.com, Los Angeles, CA

Freelance Projects

  • June 2007, Animator/Artist, Bob Industries for Sprint “Dreams” Commercial directed by Jonathon Dayton and Valerie Faris
  • June 2007, Contributing Designs, Willis Clothing and ISM Magazine, Costa Mesa, CA
  • May 2007 Freelance Graphic Designer/Artist, Promotional T-Shirts for Jupiterimages.com, Pasadena, CA
  • March 2007 Freelance Graphic Artist, SAATCHI & SAATCHI - IDEAS COMPANY for Dr. Marten’s Defy FREEDM shoes, United Kingdom, for release in August 2008
  • March 2007 Freelance Artist, T-shirt, Poster, and Pins, for Division Day, Los Angeles, CA
  • February 2007 Freelance Illustrator, CD Cover for Davin Givhan, Los Angeles, CA
  • February 2007, Freelance Illustrator, CD Cover for Touch Committee
  • 2007 Artist, Poster for The Happy Hollows, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2007 Contributing Illustrator, Daytrotter.com, Chicago, IL

Print Contribution

  • June 2007, Illustrations, Penny Ante Book II, Los Angeles, CA
  • May 2007, Illustration, Screamer Design Magazine, Austin, TX
  • September 2006, Illustration, Dynasty Zine #2, Greece
  • 2006, Illustration, Louis Liard Magazine, Bordeaux, Fr