3 Things about Dating Older Women


Remember the time you were a 7th grader and had a crush on a senior girl at school! Although a few years older, she was mature and sexy. She exhibited attributes which weren’t so prominent in your peers. That’s the essence of dating older women. Dating older women is quite a fetish these days. Here, we are not looking at the drive that attracts the women to a younger mate. We intend to dig a ‘man’s take’ on the issue. They are perhaps wiser and better lovers. Or should we say experienced lovers.  Here’s a list of 10 things about dating an older woman.

Couple Dating

  1. You don’t always have to come up with sweet nothings; you can have meaningful conversations – Of course you can’t get away without complementing her but a matured woman is not expecting you to just murmur crazy stuff all the time. She looks for an essence in whatever you speak and will be happy to hear your heart out, without adding frills to your words. You can talk about the stuff you like and she can take it with maturity. They have travelled and read a lot. It’s interesting to listen to them. You can freely speak your mind as well. Unlike a 20 year old, she would not just shut you up if you talk about national politics. In short, she brings value to the conversation and you enjoy her company.
  2. They have a career plan right there and can guide you as well- Work is worship! This saying stands entirely true for a lady who has been through the grind of the corporate world. Her work both at office and home is her priority and she is always and forever going to respect all your professional and social commitments. So, you will not be bothered to call her in the middle of a meeting. She has a professional life of her own and would not create a feud if you hang up while you’re busy. Her life has seen career pitfalls and you can learn things from her. Who knows, you might get your next career jump with her reference. Practical, right?
  3. They are much Hotter – They know themselves better than anyone else and are oozing with confidence. Their poise and assertiveness makes them sexier than anyone else on this earth. She has been through substantial ups and downs and that makes her grow. As the old adage goes ‘wine becomes better with age’, it’s found quite true for many women who have celebrated 30+ birthdays. Not just the body, she is sensuous in her talks and things she does.