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Gallery Revisited

Gallery Revisited: Concept Driven Accessible Art since 2003

We are a working entity that curates shows and provides critical and accessible art commentary and press writings. We are no longer located at a permanent gallery location and are now using alternative venues to exhibit curated shows.

Keep an eye out for our involvement and activity in the art world at large. Our new direction has the good intention to pursue independent curatorial projects, facilitate and provide art dialog and inspire collecting despite the lack of the white walls.

"My history with the gallery is peppered with the scenarios and incidences that make life amusing, remarkable and non-boring to say the least. Each of us has a unique story and that my friend, is what makes it all worth-while. Actions may no longer speak louder than words and I am still not convinced that art speaks for itself…life on the other hand, is indescribable. And so, I suppose, is art sometimes." — Leora Lutz

Leora Lutz is the curator and writer of Gallery Revisited.